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Gold earrings are definitely the trendiest fashion accessory today. It is not just the trendy trendiest clothing items, but the trendy fashion accessories of this decade are also being worn by women of all ages. From the traditional gold earrings to the funky silver colored versions to the pure gold versions, there are many other types of gold earrings to choose from.It may surprise you that gold earrings were considered a fashion accessory for centuries ago. Women of that time used to wear their earrings loose around their necks. Because they were mostly used as protection for their neck, those people thought that wearing them on the face was too revealing. But recently it has become trendy to use the earrings on the face, and most fashionistas are wearing them today.

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This is because gold is the easiest material to craft into fashion accessories. Unlike silver or platinum, gold does not tarnish as fast as other metals, so you can easily wear them without having to change your jewelry as often. Also, they don’t require you to have the proper cleanliness and maintenance procedures to keep them safe. So now these fashionable accessories can be worn by women of any age group, and you won’t have to worry about the dirt or smudges on them.But aside from the advantages of wearing gold earrings, there are also a few disadvantages. Aside from the obvious downside of being expensive, it is also very fragile and easily damaged. You cannot easily replace broken earrings because they are more expensive than others. Another major disadvantage is that the metal in gold is very soft and sensitive and it is susceptible to scratching if it is rubbed and hit.

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However, these are just some of the disadvantages of gold earrings. As you already know, they are cheap. So if you are only looking for something cheap, there are still ways to make them last longer and look better. The best thing about gold earrings is that they are made from gold, so they are more durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.You can also find gold earrings with matching gemstones. The gems you can choose from include pearls, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and even other precious stones. You can also get the mix of two gems that will really complement your outfit. So even if you don’t like gold, you can still find gold earrings that are for you.

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If you think that gold is only suitable for short term and long term use, you are wrong. You can use gold as an accessory for a lifetime if you want to, and you can even pass it down to your children.Whatever kind of earrings you wear, remember that they should fit well and look good on you. So choose the ones that will look good on you and take care of them so they can last for a lifetime.